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Name card

         Forms and details of the print business cards.products-en9        
         Print business cards are shaped into a single sheet. The paper used is thick
         for strength.

         Crease print business cards are printed only on one side or both sides time.
         May have to fold up design.

         The size of a business card printing
         Size 3.5 "x 2.125" if the fold on fold to that size.

         The paper used in printing business cards.
         For printing business cards to be used up to 260 gsm art paper, fancy paper card.
         (Paper with flesh and skin), which are most commonly used.

         Printing and finishing on printing business cards.
         Business cards are printed 1 color 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors or more to use color 4 color (CMYK) or special color
         was often printed by offset.
Login or digital silkscreen

         Or print a single page Two pages depending on the design
         Can print business cards, plastic coated gloss UV coating. Spot UV coating or plastic coating on the pump curve         
Gold pumps or film / foil colors (Hot Stamping).

         Form of folded business card printing.
         May have to fold 2-fold 3 (most are not folded) There are also other ways to fold up design.

         Search for Books
         Pumps can cut (Die-cut) is different depending on the design.

         The proofing cards from the printer's.
         Proof of Computer Printer or Fax for one color or two colors should proofs Digital Proof or proofs from the podium
If the emphasis on color, which can be used to compare the actual print.

         Production Time for printing business cards printing company.
         Delivery within 3-5 days after proof approval ago.


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