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Label / Sticker

products-en4           Our stickers are used in various industries such as food, cold room, the price tag
           Department Stores, Electronics.

           Cosmetics, pharmaceutical, hospital, toys, automotive parts, the oil bottles, shampoo
           bottles, consumer goods, billboards.

           Office, so we should choose the stickers to suit the user.

           The selection of materials for printing labels with simple directions.

           1. You can use stickers By the material, the surface of the material to withstand sun and
           water in the environment.

           Such as rain, sun or in the shade and so on.

           - White sticker Semi-matt and semi-gloss For overwritten Or overprinted with printers
           not tolerate.
Water touch

           - Sticker White Suitable for mounting on flat material. Coating the shadow or not On the surface, or
           Plastic may be peeling off Direct contact with water

           - Sticker PVC (PVC) is both clear and opaque. Suitable for outdoor Mounted on metal has not come on.
           Immersed in water

           - Stickers PP (PP) are both clear and opaque. Suitable for mounting on the label surface is plastic or glass.
           The surface should be flat

           Or slightly curved to give it a bit. As mounted on the bottle of shampoo bottles.

           - Stickers PE (PE) flexibility than PP mounted on a curved surface such as a ball, squeeze the foam tube and so on.

           2. Select the toughness of adhesive stickers, for example.

           - Sticky pastry bag fitted with a plain paper.

           - Special adhesive stick on plastic, glass, wood and iron.

           - Sticker remove glue stick on the glass material can be removed without leaving adhesive residue material was
           stuck on.

           - Stickers vacuum glass without adhesive using a vacuum to suck the glass. Thus leaving no time to peel off glue.

           Therefore, you should select the type Sticker By surface-mounted Curvature of the surface at the water heat exposure.
           Cooling type of adhesive soluble or insoluble, which will affect the ability of the labels attached.

           As required (up to a maximum of 52x69 cm).

           Offset, silkscreen printing from 1-4 colors or as needed.

           Special printing techniques
           After printing techniques may include five beautiful and interesting as coating UV, Spot UV, gloss coating. And the
           plastic coating

           The resistance to tearing. Water pumps and gold (Hot Stamp), which most of the characters, logos.

           To desired shape


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