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           Envelopes, envelopeproducts-en12

           Choosing envelope printing Should take into account the type of envelope thickness of paper

           Cases which are used to make paper bags generally like a pack of white bond paper white
           110 gsm fine.

           If the envelope is BA, KA, KI 110 gsm.
           Depending on the right or the needs of the user.

           If you want beautiful. May select Special Paper The optimum thickness is folded envelope.
           Such as paper Conqueror, paper SOLUTION This is called a finer more.

           So if you want to know the name of the paper, the paper can also be specified to meet the
If you do not know can contact the sales department.

           Offset printing from 1-4 colors or as needed.


          Characteristics envelope formats

           Cases pointed cap : song1
           An envelope with top cover pitched like a triangle with wings folded envelope left and right side. For glue on the envelope below.
           To fold up over the two lateral wings sealed envelope bottom is slightly concave.


           Fold the pointed cap sleeve: song2
           Looks like a pointed cap sleeve Unlike the left-wing and right outside the fold. The envelope below to fold up the wings and 2
, then fold over the envelope.


           Triangle Case Cover : song3
            Looks like a pointed cap sleeve Unlike the envelope on the left wing, right and bottom of the envelope is a triangle. It folds up
            until the middle of the 3 pack.

           Parallel Cases Cover : song4
          Sometimes called envelope COVER The cap sleeve looks like a rectangular lid. Looks like a folded envelope pointed cap.
          Well below the envelope, folded up, it looks like a straight cut a concave envelope pointed cap.

           Envelope seal of the lid : song5
          An envelope with a cap adhesive. Time off does not require water Cases can be closed

           Cases plug cap : song6
          These unique pieces are glued end cap card look a little peaked. And a slot cut into the envelope below the fold up. Plug cap to
           close the envelope


           Rounded envelope : song7
          These unique card Cover envelope curve resembles a semicircle. Cut the edges of the lid can be smooth or serrated cap was
           gummed envelopes. 

           Window envelopes : song9
          With both envelopes and envelope based on documents that show the need to put out the windows. This is the cellophane off
           a window.


           Envelope containing the CD : song10
           Is a square envelope color Full Circle is a window envelope. To show the CD inside. Cover the lid parallel Cases A cut-plug
           cover, no glue.


           Jacket : song11   song111
           Fold both sides and the center fold. Envelope is folded over on the right wing, left wing. Envelope and fold the bottom up over
           the wings folded envelope and 2 above characteristics may vary depending on the size of the envelope.

           Adhesive Silicone Cases : song12
           This cap must be sealed lid, such as parallel lid, cover the lid is sealed with adhesive. When it is closed, it strips off the pace.
           Then close it does not require water.


           Perforated envelope : song13
         This is Case No. 9 pointed cap right wing envelope is perforated for pull to open the document in an envelope.


           Cases with eyelets - tie : song14
          The back pack is eyelets on a cardboard round. There are two sides to the laces for Panta Chicken closed envelope. 

           Paper for writing


           In general, there is a 24x35 inch sheet of paper to print.


           The 24x35 inch paper size
           A4 or 8.1 / 4 x 11.3 / 4 inches.
           Other sizes may be reduced to rubble, making paper used.


           Paper 70-80 grams of fine vellum or special.
           recycled Paper If you want to know the name of the paper. Anonymous paper To meet the needs.
           If you do not know Can contact the sales department


           Offset printing from 1-4 colors or as needed.

           Special printing techniques
           After printing techniques may include five beautiful and interesting.
           The gilt (Hot Stamp), stamped (Embossing), which most of the characters, logos.



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